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Led Smd Light Bulbs


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I've got a stop light out...again and I'm considering replacing both of them with a pair of these LED SMD bulbs. I understand that I'll need to buy red ones as the white ones produce a pinkish light behind a red lens.

I've already replaced the sidelights for LED SMD bulbs...really cheap ones off eBay and they seem fine although not that bright in the day, but obviously stop lights are a little more important.

There are so many different bulbs available to replace the 382 bulbs that I'm currently using and I'm not sure which to go for. There are some on eBay for £7.95 a pair which sound like they'd do the job but I'm just worried they may not be bright enough.

Anybody had experience with these type of bulbs? How many lumens is enough for a stop light?



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The ones I have been looking at claim to last much longer than standard bulbs...in fact some claim they'll outlast the car. I'd like to think they'd last longer given they cost three times as much.

Bought some standard bulbs yesterday for the time being but I'm still interested in trying some LEDs.

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Typically the LEDs should last much longer than the standard bulbs.

That can't be said however for those led w5w side light bulbs as I've gone though so many pairs of them in the past and the same can be said for alot of my friends. However I put that down to the leds not being able to sustain the heat from the headlamps and end up burning out.

The leds in the rear of the car should last longer I imagine as they wouldn't have to put up with nearly the same heat in the rear lights as in the headlamps . Also the brake lights won't be illuminated nearly as much as the headlamps would be or for the same duration as time so in theory they should last longer.

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