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Mondeo Fog Light Removal


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Today my Titanium X Sport fog lights and lower grill arrived in the post.

After the best part of an hour I managed to remove the lower grill, breaking it in the process.

However I then spent over an hour trying to remove the standard fog lamps but they wouldn't budge.

To try make the process easier I removed both the headlamps so I could get a better view of the fog lights. Researching this online I read to remove both the 8mm screws holding the lamp in place which I did and push down on both the retaining clips on the top of the units. I pushed and pulled the lamp but it wouldn't budge and I can't find what seems to be keeping it in place.

Is there a certain knack to do this or has anyone managed to remove them successfully by doing something I'm not doing?

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Looked up youtube but couldn't find any.

I spent three hours today trying loads of different techniques but non of them worked. I can get the lamp to move but it won't come out!

It's an absolutely stupid design whatever Ford where thinking...if I ever do eventually get them out and get to install my sports fogs I dread the day that one of the bulbs needs replacing!

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Cheers for the link pal

Tried all of it and still no joy...Think I'll just have to bring it down to my local mechanic to get the new sports fogs installed

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