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Mondeo, Mk4, 2.0L Spark Plugs


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Looking to replace the spark plugs on my dads car, a 2011 mk4, can't find much info on which ones are right, the V5 says this

Type - BA7

Variant - AOBC1E

Version - 5BLB ND

so i take it the engine code id AOBC?

looking on eurocarparts, it looks like TR6AP-13 are the right plugs

just really need conformation that they will be fine

don't want to take out an original plug to check just in case we knacker up the threads with too many in/out of plugs

also, anybody know the torque of the plug and the gap size?


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The gap sizes come preset now so unfortunately i do not know.

The torque setting for a spark plug is minimal. I only ever hand tight and then a slight nip up!

I always cover the threads in a small coat of copper grease just to prevent corrosion from seizing them in.

I wouldnt worry too much about taking an original out to check it, aslong as you always hand thread them back in, you wont go far wrong!

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