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General Thoughts On The Mondeo 2.2 Tdci St

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To cut a long story short, my run of new cars on finance will end next April as I hand my Fez ST back. I am saving for my first house and its bye bye finance, hello used car for cash.

I have done research on so many cars already and keep changing my mind on what I think will be good.

The Mondeo ST diesel is the latest car to come up and I reckon by next April I will be able to get one for £3,500 with just under £100k miles. I would also look at a professional re-map to 185bhp and 410nm torque which a local firm quotes £295.

Research has thrown up some reliability scare stories so can anyone here comment generally on the Mondeo ST, including MPG and reliability? Also, can anyone speak from experience of the difference a re-map makes?


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I had my ST from 9 months old / 9000 miles to 9 years old / 48000 miles - I never had a problem with the car ( rare it seems ) & it responded well to a Bluefin remap.

It had new oil & all filters every 6000 miles.

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I've had mine for 4 and a bit years.

It's had a few bits n prices done to it but not much in the grand scheme of things. A truly excellent car and work horse.

I have had 58-59mpg from it in the past, averaging 44-47mpg every week at the moment with little town driving.

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Thanks. I know from past experience of turbo diesels that they are a different driving experience altogether. My Fiesta ST is the faster car of course but the in gear pace of a good turbo diesel would pull away from my ST comfortably and only when the ST is really singing would I be able to gain the advantage - Not on the public roads obviously.

A re-mapped Mondeo ST must be really something and yet deliver good MPG.

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I bought a Mondeo 2.2tdci Titanium X in October last year had a few issues with E.G.R valve which i have removed completely i also did the Superchips Bluefin which should be pushing around 190bhp.I had a mercedes Clk 230K 197 Bhp,the Mondeo is quicker off the mark and has a better top end than the Merc, The Mondeo ST is obviously better spec'd than the Titanium X but the engines are the same.

The M.P.G has went up by around 5mpg since the remap and E.G.R removal. Hope this helps.

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Sorry to dig up an old(ish) thread but I've had my ST for 3 years now. It's going in Sept (trade in).

In that three years, I have replaced:

Engine (yep full dealer replacement engine) - £4k

DMF - £1k

Springs - the rears actually broke, so replaced all around with Eibachs - £200

Several miscellaneous visits to the local garage : Injector leak, broken wire on starter motor, clutch pedal sticking...plus the usual tyres, brakes, exhaust.

In all I reckon I've spent about £6.5k on repairs in three years...almost double what I paid for it! I'm sure this is not the same for every Mondy ST and this is just a lemon.

Update: Just added the invoices up. Including two tyres and two oil/filter changes - £7,036. I'm off to cry now.

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Glad to hear they are not all as bad as mine.

On the plus side, it pulls like a train and on a long run will sit happily at 70(ish) whilst getting 45-48mpg.

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