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2.0 Tdci Low Mpg.

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its not a mondeo but its a ford engine... I have a x type jaguar with the 2.0 tdci engine... 247k. recently full service , egr blank , inlet , egr , intercooler clean , run on v power nitro diesel for the last 2 months , millers eco max additive , new injectors , fuel pump , fuel filter and fuel tank flush 10 months ago .

my problem is im getting low mpg 36mpg mixed driving . I did have a heavy soot problem but the egr blank cured this. ive read that changing the cam sensor can cure my mpg problem. is there anything else worth checking on this engine .. I don't have any boost leaks as ive all fixed the one it had on the egr to intercooler hose.

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It may not be the engine that is causing low mpg! Are your tyre pressures correct? When did you last have a 4 wheel alignment done?

Your mpg, how have you calculated that? From the readout on the dash, or have you worked it out yourself?

By the sounds of things, you are maintaining the engine really well so it should be giving you better mpg than you are getting!

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i had a 4 wheel alignment done last month after doing a lot of suspension work on the front.. tyre pressures are fine as I check them once a week.

ive got an app on my phone that calculates the mpg. start mileage and finish millage.

ill add I get a slight pulsing hiss from one of the injectors on cold start up... could this be a sensor ? crank sensor?

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I also hade an app on my phone it was useless told me I was getting 36 mpg when in fact I get on avg 51mpg checked with the car computer and actuall brim to brim calculations , if you don't have a read out on the car the only way to get a true reading is to take note of how much fuel you put in and the miles you have driven , do this a couple of time then you should have a reasonably accurate idea of your fuel consumtion.

Also driving the missus Skoda Roomster it still say 36Mpg and that does 55 mpg on avg, app since deleted

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