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Morning all

I'm new to this forum so sorry to start off with a moan but running out of ideas.

I brought a Focus titanium estate 09 plate last year and noticed a judder in the sterring wheel, took it back only to be told i have a buckled alloy, so i had that replaced hoping that it would sort the problem, but no! still vibrates. Then took it to another ford dealership, had it looked at, all the whells and tyres were checked and found nothing wrong with them, They suggested it was the dual fly wheel causing the vibrations. Had the clutch and flywheel replaced and still vibrations. So next step was to replace all tyres, so had all 4 tyres replaced with brigestones thinking that the issue was sorted, but again no! still vibrates through steering wheel and can feel it in my legs as well. So all in all i have had the wheels balanced a few times and spent quite a bit of money at it, so reluctant to sell (running out of money and ideas) but if issue is not sorted i have no option. Is this model renound for an uncomfortable ride,or is it just me?

Sorry again to start off with a moan

Many thanks in advance


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Brake disks could be warped?

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is the vibration just on braking?

ive just had my front disks/pads changed as mine was vibrating like mad, turned out my disks were warped,it doesnt need a lot to make it feel like the cars goner shake itself to bits.

did you buy private or dealer.

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No vibration, Had all the brakes and discs checked and again, nothing.

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