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Cheaper Tyres

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Hi I have a 12 plate Focus which needs its first mot the end of this month,it has Mich sport 3 same size as yours needs two new on front only 16000 miles. Had a look on Autoexpress web tyre test, conti came first Dunlop Blue second{not in our size} Mich third. I Have decided to go for Hankook v12 Evo 2 scores well on noise & rolling resistance K117 softer tyre K120 performance.Try Black Circle .com £100 Have a look at the test results see what u think


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Thanks Gerry,

I'll take a look at that. A friend with same car as me has fitted Pirellis but, again, very expensive and short life expectations (-:


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Can anyone recommend a cheaper option than the very expensive continental 235/40 R 18s that came with the car.

Well you can find many cheaper tyres online than Contis; a number of them are rubbish so you have to be careful.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper option than the very expensive continental 235/40 R 18s that came with the car.

Have tried Michelin but too much road noise.

While Contis generally are good they are expensive. That can be ameliorated somewhat by finding a cheap suppler but they'll still be dearer than cheap tyres from the same suppler.

BTW, the above quote isn't really information unless you say which Contis which Michelins; say Ecocontacts if available in your size would be quite different, and appeal to a diifferent driver to Sport Contacts and Sport Contact 1s would be quite different from SC5s (although you probably won't find anything earlier than SC2s still available).

Anyway, most Michelins aren't the noisiest of tyres, so wanting something a lot quieter than that might be a bit of an ask. There are a couple of Dunlops that are particularly quiet, but they aren't the longest-lasting of tyres, so that might be problematic if wear is also one of your priorities.

The other thing is that it seems easier for the rear on a Mondy to have big noise problems than the front (...and the front to wear out quickly...) so you might want to say where you had the noise problems, which tyres you are replacing,, and what your priorities are.

Tyre leader are good, if you want what they do. When I used them, their selection of tyres wasn't as good as some suppliers. They have a 'partner program' where you make one payment and just drive up to the specified fitter, who then do the business. This is convenient, but if you have a cheap fitter, it can be cheaper buying the tyre separately. Depends on priorities.

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