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What To Do - Anyone Got Any Useful Suggestions Please?


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Can anyone help please?

The car is a 53 plate Mondeo Mk3 Estate, 2.6 V6 Auto. Its done 152K miles.

Lovely car, despite its age, brand new A/C, shockers, tyres etc, runs like a dream, BUT ....

Bit of a knock at the back end. Not always, just sometimes. Drives fine, no problems there.

I'm told that "the bushes are gone, and the arms cost a fortune, and its more than the car is worth", and all that stuff. The question is, having thrown quite a lot of dosh at it this year, what to do next. Seems to me my choices are -

see what it fails on (MOT 1 November) and get that sorted

get it all sorted now on the basis of what the garage tells me

scrap it (what a waste) and move on (did that with a Mk2 V6 a few years ago and regretted it)

sell it for a fair price to anyone who can see an economic way forward for himself

get one of you guys who knows about these things to sort it for me

anything else

Its an old problem, what to do with cars you like. Yes its emotion really, I just like the !Removed! thing.

Look forward to constructive replies.



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Is it the rear trailing arm bushes?

Mobile Mechanics can replace just the bushes for about £100, I suspect they could probably do the same for the subframe.

The guy I was looking at was in the midlands somewhere, found him on the TalkFord group.

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