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Cutting Out

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hello people maybe someone knows the answer to this problem.one of the injectors lost it code(high knock on number 1 cylnider).noisy but the cars performance was ok. i got it to the local garage 100 miles away.they did there thing with a garage diagnostic code reader and found this was the only problem(except air circulation thru egr as i blanked that off 10000 miles ago when i got the car).so all except number 2 injector was recoded as this had no code on it.noise gone driving as normal then it began cutting out intermitently after i depress the clutch to change down a gear,usaully at low speed though i can make it cut out at speed if i depress the clutch and put it in neutral,she just dies.will start on the turn of the key as if nothing has occurred.no codes have been found so the cam sensor and fuel filter replaced.i also notice that the average fuel comsumption says its nearly 70 miles to the gallon(i wish)she after 170000 miles only does 600 miles on a tank.sounds good for her age uses no oil and is a none smoker!have had a 3 injectors changed will ones from a car that had no issues but a large dent and this has not helped.old ones had some carbon build up.i use redex regularly.my 0ther mondeo with 2900000 but very tappy has original injectors pump but i did replace the turbo 10000 miles age.so does anyone know of this problem what it is and how to fix.NB occurred after injector recoding!thankyou dave

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i presume that the injectors were coded in the correct order(firing order not physical) i would look at having a leak off test done which will show up any problems with the injectors.

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