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i found this on face book :(


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Going by the first photo, it looks as though there are two parallel level crossings, and the Fiesta must have been hit on the one in the background and shunted forwards onto the second crossing. (Just going by the gravel and turf that the car's wheels have dragged with it - can be seen better on the second photo).

Either way, must have been nasty. I wonder if the driver managed to get out before the shunt happened, especially as it was the driver's side that was actually hit. :blink: (Though if they had time to run, that means the car must have stalled - a bit worrying!)

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To be perfectly frank - all joking aside - I think we're missing the real point here ladies and gents. There are some serious lessons to be learnt from this accident, it really is no laughing matter. I encourage you all (for your own safety), to study this BBC public information video.


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