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I have a mondeo 1.6 tdci eco zetec that I got at the weekend second hand. it seems to have the start /stop thing - it's in the manual plus there is the 'A' button on the dashboard. I haven't been stuck in bad traffic yet but the start stop thing hasn't worked so far - although I have stopped afew times at lights or minor traffic delays. is that to be expected ? There's no warning lights saying it's malfunctioned, the 'A' button doesn't have 'off' showing. Do I just need to be a bit more patient whilst waiting for it to work ?



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Stop start is quite fussy and will only kick in when a long list of parameters are met.

The main ones are the electrical load, A/C load and battery level.

It might just need a run to charge up the battery before it starts working if it has been sat around or doing short journeys.

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Hi there Ade,

I also have stop start. I know for a fact that my stop/start wont work for 2 reasons.....

1. if the battery isn't fully charged

2. if the cabin temp is set Hi, it wont work until the temp as been maintained.

when I bought my car (2nd hand dealer) my stop/start didn't work until after a 40 mile run on way to work.

Just take it for a good run mate.

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