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Urgent Dpf Question. Please Help


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Howdy folks

Been away for a long time and I will update the forum as to why and whats happened the last few months to cause my disappearance in due course.

For now though I have an issue with the mondeo that needs urgent attention.

Please can anyone help in locating the sensor for the dpf on a 2.2 mondeo titanium x sport 58 plate.

Car has gone into limp mode, eml is illuminated, cannot rev past 3000rpm

Done a diagnostic using forscan and it has given me fault code P2463, relating to soot accumilation

Thing is I have been carrying out a monthly forced static dpf regen, again using forscan which always works so I do not believe the fault has just pinged up out of nowhere and magically filled with soot.

Also, the code and fault was not there this morning and only occurred after taking the car to a dealers for an unrelated issue, to have a split intercooler hose replaced.

Theyve replaced the hose and fixed that fault but now all of a sudden I have a new bigger fault and they seemed pretty adamant to keep the car in, when I said no, they was very adamant to get me to book in for another day and I had to say no numerous times.

It all seems to fishy to me and I detect foul play on their part to create more work for themselves.

I limped the car home, attempted to do a forced regen using forscan but now all of a sudden it will not work and I keep getting error messages. Or it will say in the data feed that the regen was interrupted because I pressed the accelerator or the clutch or the brake or numerous other things when I did nothing of the sort.

It is as if forscan is suddenly no longer able to communicate with the dpf and I suspect the dealer has done something dodgy, possibly messed with the sensor to prevent me from trying to force a regen myself and to force me into taking it back to them.

Speedy responses would be greatly appreciated

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I'm not totally sure as to what you mean there are as far as I know no one specific sensor for the DPF there will be a sensor on the front part of the exhaust and possible 2 on or after the DPF my only experience of this is on a Skoda and that wow their system works.

Hopefully you will get an answer from someone who has the knowledge

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It all seems to fishy to me and I detect foul play on their part to create more work for themselves.

I doubt the 'foul play' but a lot of people are far less competent with Diesel engines, and not really so hot with any kind of electronics, so I suspect that they are just covering for the fact that they don't really know what they are doing. Possibly.

Can anyone advice on where the dpf sensor is?

I could tell you exactly on a pre-FL 2 litre, but on other variants there is no guarantee that it is in the same place (under passenger side, and you can just about see/reach in to it without raising the car up on stands or a jack).

It is easy enough to find, though. Find the DPF. There will be a small bore hose that goes to the input side and one that goes to the output side. The thing that both of those hoses go back to is the differential pressure sensor.

Now, warning one: don't accidentally swap the hoses, so if you pull one off, take notes, mark the pipes, take photos, whatever, just be sure which hose came from where.

Warning two: the hoses aren't really good enough for the temperatures near the DPF and go crumbly. Don't play with, unless prepared to replace! (Actually, hoses going is the most likely fault. Be prepared to swap. Silicone probably lasts longer than rubber, but new 'either' is better than 'leaky'.)

If it isn't the hoses, the next most probable thing is the wiring. Again, it is an exposed position and can get hot, plus there are showers of stones and general unpleasantness (wet, salty, unpleasantness, in extreme conditions) under there, so it is quite possible that corrosion or physical damage have occurred.

The DPF itself (as opposed to the transducer) has no intelligence whatsoever and can't get confused. The transducer itself can fail, but check the hoses (number one) and the wiring (number two) first, as they are both more probable and cheaper.

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Thats the thing, I didnt take it to a random indi, I took it to one of the biggest main ford dealers going and paid a premium and sat waiting for over 2.5hours.. I only took it in to have the intercooler pipe changed and they give it me back saying the dpf is now blocked with new fault codes when i know for a fact it was fine 2.5hours before..

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Im 99.99% certain the dealer has done something either on purpose to get more business as they repeatidly tried to force me into booking it in for a few days, or the trained monkey who took 2.5hours to fit the intercooler hose knocked something dpf related while changing the hose.

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