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Slight Smoke After Hard Acceleration Under Bonnet...


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Hi guys,

I'm new to here and was wondering if someone can give me a bit of insight into something I have noticed when driving my Mondeo. The car itself is 2004, 1.8 LX Petrol. It's done 67k miles, it's all in great condition. I only purchased it recently from a 2nd hand place... anyhow, I have noticed on a couple of occasions that after some hard acceleration when the car is stationary there appears to be a small amount of smoke/vapour coming from under the bonnet, and a slight burning smell.. after a short amount of time this goes away and all seems fine. What could this be? The temp gauge is fine, the oil levels are all good. The engine cover is clean so I can't see it being oil on top burning or anything like that. This only seems to happen after hard acceleration... for example, sat in traffic for ages and when the road clears getting the car to a decent speed in quite a short time. And on the motorway... do you think it is something to be concerned about? Or is it quite normal for that to happen? ... Thanks all,

- G

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