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2015 Mondeo Titanium Navigation System


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I've have had this car since April and I'm more than happy with it's performance and general running.

However the navigation system leaves a lot to be desired.

It will not accept all post codes even if they are established addresses.

It has taken me of route to avoid traffic hold ups only to turn me around a mile down the road and fetch me back to the original route.

It would be nice to show all the roads in the area of travel, a leaf out of TomTom's book wouldn't go a miss.

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Have you connected the system to the Internet via your mobile phone?

does that make any difference? i thought the connection to the internet from your mob just enables a local area network so passengers can connect to car wifi and thus to the internet via your phone.

i am not aware that the car uses this connection to gain additional information, traffic navigation or otherwise. do you know more?

i agree that the traffic system postcode is a) fiddly and B ) seems to have less info than my map in my previous ford ranger. (3.5 yrs old).

car has an F4 map.

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Is the F4 the latest map? I picked up my 2015 mondeo yesterday and it has the F3 card in it. The dealer told me it auto updates?? I'm yet to try the nav though.

I thought the WiFi was just a file sharing thing within the vehicle and other devices too.

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Hi all, I spoke with a dealer, to be told that Ford are doing an up date. go to your dealer and claim your latest version F4.

This may not help you if you already have F4, for myself it's a glimmer of hope as mine had F2 installed when I received it at the end of April.

A word of warning there are people on eBay selling version F5, according to the dealer this do's not exist, don't be tempted.

As for connecting to the internet via my phone. I have gone to the data internet media selection.

I activated the PAN setting and roaming, Nothing happens as far as I can see.

I went on the Ford web site as recommended by the car computer and started to fill the form out to register as instructed.

when I got to the end of the address section it asked for my ZIP code so I entered my post code, It would only accept US zip codes or Canadian codes.

I must be on the wrong site I thought, try Ford UK , Just the same so gave up.

Dealer was no help on this subject.

Any comments


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Hi, My head unit on my Kuga say's Zip but thats because I retrofitted the unit from the USA, as long as you have a Uk map card in the unit it will still accept uk postcodes. but word of warning as the voice commands for the nav unit will not function if it's a usa unit with a uk card in it.

Try saying " destination address" if it replys along the lines of " This feature can not be used with the version of the navigation SD card" then I would take the car back to the dealer and get it escalated to ford. as My Mondeo Hybrid has the same issue. and My car is booked in next week as they have had the car in and out for the past 2 months.and it's still not fixed.

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