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Question About Mondeo Cruise From Antipodes


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Hi Ford Brits,

I have recently taken delivery of a new 2015 Mondeo Titanium wagon (I think this aligns with your Titanium X...anyway it's top of the range).

Apart from a nasty incident with about 1000 miles on the clock where the power steering failed on a windy road (!), I have an ongoing query about the use of cruise control in this car.

I'm hoping that the vast experience on this board may be able to come up with a definitive answer - Ford Australia haven't had this car available for very long, so their knowledge of detailed topics appears very slim...

So, the question: on the wide range of vehicles I have driven professionally over the last 15 years or so, once cruise control is set, the driver can adjust the speed manually by pressing the + button or - button. The increments are always 1km/h per press. On some cars, if you hold the + or - button for a second or so, the speed set varies by 5km/h or even 10km/h.

In all cases though, the minimum increment is 1km/h.

On my Mondeo, even though the Manual says it should change by 1km/h, it ONLY moves by 5km/h increments. If you're doing say, 83, one '+' press takes it to 85, but further presses move it to 90, then 95 etc. And the same in reverse ('-').

Can someone check on their car, or provide any advice? I wondered whether it could be configured in software...

Thanks for your help,



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I wouldn't call it a feature! Thanks for your reply...you might be right about the new model.

I've figured out how to fool it though, but it's not exactly an elegant solution.

Let's see if anyone else has an idea...

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