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Mondeo Problems With Sony Dab Radio - Not Switching On Or Off


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My Ford Mondeo was working fine until today when the radio packed in. It is now switched on showing the clock but with the dash lit up even though the engine is off.

I was driving along listening to a CD and had my phone connected to the radio with bluetooth. A call came in and everything seemed to freeze. I was unable to answer the call but also unable to get the radio to switch off phone mode back to the radio. I disabled the bluetooth on the phone to disconnect it from the radio. I tried switching to radio. I tried switching the radio unit off. Nothing. I was able to eject the CD.

I went to a meeting and parked the car and the radio unit was still on. When I returned (4 hours later) it was still on but the car started and I drove in silence as the radio didn't do anything.

I am able to use the steering wheel controls to select channels on the radio or switch to CD but the radio unit doesn't respond.

I have now returned home and parked up for the night. The radio display is the clock with a faint background glow. I worry my battery will drain overnight.

Is there a way to reboot the radio unit?

Will I need a security code if I pull the fuse out - and if I don't have one, where do I get it from.

Any help appreciated,


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Thanks. I have made some progress, so I thought I'd share.

I decided I needed to switch this off so pulled the fuse out of the fuse-box relating to the audio.

(It was in the central fuse-box on the passenger side).

When I resterted the car, it did ask me for a code which I had and it seems to be behaving itself.

Whether there is an underlying problem that will come back on me I will have to wait and see but at least I wont wake up to a flat battery.

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