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Mondeo Mk4 Flat Battery - Started With A Jump


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I have an 09 Mondeo Mk4 2.2 Titanium X Saloon 170k

Lovely motor but having a couple of niggles, I was hoping for some wisdom :rolleyes:

Last week I was driving with missus and 2.5 children :wub: in the dark!! when the NX nav system decided to has a holiday?!?! :iim: basically it was off and on intermittently, however not the sound - consequently all the dials switched off including the converse+ - no external driving aids went on holiday though :D including the turning lights, blind spot light, indicators and Headlamps. the interior lights were working including the dial lamps. I pulled over and switched off and on to no avail.

I fuelled up - that's to say it was off for about 5mins and this didn't do anything.

After about ten mins I pulled over and switched off whilst the system was off I pressed every switch and button I could find started it up and still the same then I moved off and hey presto it all came back off holiday and worked.

One thing I note is that previously the car would never notify that a key had been removed from the vehicle whilst running - now it does

The car has never stood for more than 24 hours since I bought it 3 months ago, but over christmas it stood for 36 hours. When I went to start it the battery was flat and after a quick jump she started

Now there's a notification on the dash informing me FORD would like to open my wallet in the context of :


Any Ideas would be gratefully read.



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Did you get a resolution on this one pclarejnr?

I've been having a similar issue with my 08 Titanium X, had the AA out who mentioned the bluetooth module was drawing power after the vehicle was switched off and locked and there was also another drain, possibly diagnosed by a main dealer as head unit faulty and drawing power after switched off.

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I am unclear about what is now a problem and what isn't. Is your NX now working, and now not a problem? Do you think if you leave it for 36+ hours again it will fail to start (but start on a jump)...I know this is a guess on your part, but are you trying to cure that problem, or not?

The 'alarm service' message usually concerns the backup battery in the alarm being flat, and needing replacing. I don't see any reason that you can't do that yourself, but do a search, because you'll find a 'how to' somewhere (and you'll need the right battery, of course).

As far as the battery going flat unusually quickly, I've seen a long and inconclusive thread on the subject. One of the thing that some people allege is that bluetooth/HU faults are to blame (and, in the interests of completeness, some don't...probably, there is more than one potential problem). Did you get any current drain reading? Did they test the battery capacity or cranking current?

You may well need a new battery (the car age suggests an original battery would be on its last legs...what does the battery say on it? Is it likely to be the original battery, and if it is a replacement, is it of a reasonable specification?), but if you have a spurious drain from, eg, bluetooth that will lways make matters worse; if the drain is high enough to flatten the battery in 36 hours, that's either a really high static drain, or a seriously knackered battery (or a bit of both).

You mention key; is the car conventional key (ie, mechanical key goes in the ignition barrel), or 'keyless' with an electronic key?

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Wow guys, extensive replys, I've been working away since Christmas and am currently in Aberdeen with the Mondeo, I've done about 1500 miles since Christmas and the car is showing little signs of the hiccup (only sometimes excessive cranking required to start, but that could be something else), when I get back I'll have a look for current drain..

To sum up everything is working well the car is a keyless start :)

There is an earth nut to the right of the battery box, that's where I put the jump leads :)



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