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Removing 6 Cd Changer In 05 Mondeo


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Hi All,

First post - finally the advice I need hasn't already been discussed (or at least, I can't find it).

Long story short; removed the fuses for the Sony 6 CD changer after it kept on stating 'No CD' when asking it to eject. Common issue I believe with a simple solution!

However, the security code in with the service manual wasn't correct. It would appear there has been some alteration or mix-up before I bought the car a few months ago.

A visit to the Ford dealership (Evans Halshaw) has proved useless - they couldn't even get the stereo out of the dashboard (after putting the code in for the 3rd time and getting to the half-hour locking stage)! All they could offer was totally dismantling the dashboard (not likely at dealership labour charges...)

So, I am going to pick up the keys/tools to have a dash at removing it myself tomorrow. Does any one have any similar experiences and therefore any advice on getting this !Removed! thing out so that I can get at the serial number?



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i may be wrong but im sure even on your age to mondeo, that you can retrieve the radio serial number by switching radio on and pressing 1 and 6 together which then scrolls through various numbers until either a m------ or v---- displays.

so try thats 1and 6 together, and if not that try 1 and 5

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Just tried that little button combo and it brings up a series of numbers and dates but nothing that appears to be what you have suggested. Nor does there seem to be anything that looks like the other serial codes that I have seen online. Maybe it's because it's in 'locked' mode ... ?

Suppose |I'll have to wait and do battle with it tomorrow with the tools otherwise I will be looking for advice on dismantling the dashboard!

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ok, was worth a try, if it worked then it would show m or v then 5 or 6 numbers, cant remember how many.ll

when you have the keys , just insert them the right way round, the curved face inwards. push in until you hear a click on each one.

then pull both of one side inwards then pul towards you , this should release one side, then do same with other 2 .

good luck

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