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Random Gear Selection On 2000 Mondeo Estate 16V Auto


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Last night after joining the motorway. The car seemed to be selecting gears randomly and the revs were going absolutely crazy. The car was also jumping and jerking.

Whilst this was happening the O/D Off light came on the dashboard and was flashing for about 2 mins before going off.

I proceeded to the next turn off and googled the O/D off error and it suggested that I pressed the button on the gearstick. I did this and managed to get home.

Today I took the car around the block and it is still jumping, jerking and selecting gears randomly. I have spent a few hours now googling the problem and issues but have found little information. It did say that we should check the transmission fluid. But I am unsure as to where to find the dipstick for this. I have found something that I think it could be but it isn't labelled and I don't want to just assume that is the one. The books I have do not label the transmission fluid or even mention it.

As you can imagine so close to Christmas I am trying to ensure I have done all I can before I can get the car looked at in a garage.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Can anyone advise how I could check the fluid on my car.

Any rough idea on the costs involved in dealing with this kind of problem​

Many thanks for your time.

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