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Mk4 Mondeo Question, Help The Newbie :-)


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Hi guys, new to the mondeo brand, I currently own a little puma 1.7 which is used for myself and my partners trips together, my lease car goes back in a few month and I've been on the hunt for a comfortable work commuter, I've come across this particular example http://www.berkshiremotorcompany.co.uk/used-cars/ford-mondeo-2-2-tdci-titanium-x-sport-5dr-newbury-201512039195307 spec wise I don't think I've seen one higher, is there somewhere I could go to confirm the spec. The mileage is a tad high but as long as the service history is decent miles don't bother me, is the car known here at all? Thanks for the advice.

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Sunroof as well as air con, now that's unusual (and desirable, in my view, as you can gap the sunroof when you leave it parked on hot days).

Check that you are happy with the wheels and tyres; those look like 18s and while they look nice, they are firmer and more expensive than 17s. And, the choice of tyres is worse, so this really is a matter of preference.

The cambelt was done at just over 100k and (from the 2.0 - etis should give you the info for this exact model) they aren't scheduled until 125k. Check that that was because the owner was being cautious (a good thing!) and not because it broke (a bad thing!).

Check that everything electrical works - there is a lot of kit on these cars, and it is easy to have niggly electrical faults. Also check the spare wheel - if it has the upgraded audio, you get no spare but a can of tyre-fixit spray (and a boot-mounted subwoofer). Some people are happy with that, some find it an unacceptable compromise.


ETIS should show the spec 'as built', so if, for example, that's an aftermarket sunroof, it probably won't show up in ETIS.

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Thanks for that, didn't realise that website existed, looks like it has the sub in the boot according to the list, I'll find out about the cambelt.


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