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Turbo & Clutch Replacement Costs


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I own a 59 plate 2.0 TDCi TitX with 120k on the clock and whilst it is still a very tidy car I have a couple of concerns due to its age and mileage and was hoping for some good advice from the experts.

Clutch has started to sip under heavy acceleration (especially up hills) so I presume that is on it's way out. Any idea of approx costs to fix?

And what is the life rough life expectancy of the turbos....my old Mk3 died at 160k and I'd rather replace the car than get the clutch and/or turbo done in the next 40k. Love the car but not enough to plug a couple of grand into repairs in the next year or so.

Thanks very much. Neil

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Thanks Dez. Good to be here! I'd feared it might cost a grand for a clutch from the dealer. Might try my local garage and try and strike a deal.

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