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Battery Light Coming On


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My battery light keeps coming on. At first it flashed on for a second or so once every couple of months.

At the weekend it was on for a full hour journey. Been to the garage and they changed the alternator saying it wasn't charging correctly (what I was expecting going by the symptoms, diming lights at low revs Ect.) but after picking it back up 2nd journey I made It come on again, restarted the car and the light remained off for the rest of the journey.

My question is, what other things make the battery light come on?

06 PLATE ghia, 2.0 TDCI

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My Mondeo does this now and again. Once I notice the battery light on I just turn engine off, Start it again and the light goes out again. Stays out. Although this morning it did it a couple of times on the way to work.

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Garage has changed battery and alternator and things are ok.... voltages still aint the best when under load so now i just need to check earthing points and the smart charge connection on the back of the alternator. Read the wire is prone to breaking.

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