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Bonnet Release Problem


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My 04 Mondeo Estate has got the dreaded bonnet release problem - position 1 clicks it open but position 2 doesn't open it fully.

Having looked online and seeing that it's a common problem, I don't fancy drilling things out, ruining the front grille etc so can anybody recommend an independent garage/mechanic in the Haywards Heath area who I can get to sort this out?

Thanks in advance

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Don't know if this would help but worth a try, spray WD40 at the mechanism and let it sit for a slight bit, and then try and wiggle the mechanism about and see if it might free it. I had the problem with mine where ther mechanism was stuck on the open position, so it would latch, but when pushed it would not lock, as if the bonnet release cable was still pulling, so a spray of WD40 and some tugging on the cable from inside the car freed the latch and it now locks.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies.

Have tried WD40, using the spare key, putting pressure on the bonnet whilst unlocking, pushing in the grille whilst unlocking, getting my brother to have a go all to no avail!

Am pee'd off with the bleedin' thing so will get a mechanic to give it a go as I need a service anyway.


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Allen Ford are not well liked.

They have a habit of overcharging for parts and have stung a few on this club by not honouring online pricing for ordered bits.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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