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Buying mondeo with Glow plug warning light and EML


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Hi there, 

I am about to buy a 2005 mondeo estate as a bit of a gamble. I have read the sticky thread about the glowplug light flashing and engine cutting out, However when I drove the car the engine management light was constantly on. I don't recall reading this in posts I have searched so I am slightly concerned. There are rattles which I am 95% sure is the dual mass flywheel as the engine its self is smooth it idles fine and smooth under acceleration.

 The first time I drove it i wanted the car to go into limp mode.  It went into limp mode after hard acceleration above three thousand revs, I had done research before so i new it could be fuel filter or EGR. I stopped and noticed the EGR has been replaced whether or not the manifold has been cleaned thoroughly or not I do not know. so I took the car out for another longer drive I was convinced I would buy it, but on the way back the engine cut out twice while I was not driving too hard up hill in 5th. I was first led to believe this could be the camshaft sensor or injectors. But the engine management light is constantly on.

I know the most practical way is a code reader but I do not have one and the car is quite cheap. my plan was to buy and change the fuel filter, camshaft sensor and clean the manifolds properly and see how we go from there.

If anyone has any advice please let me know,

Thank you.

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Also consider the injectors may be causing the error.


There are known issues with the MK3's and injectors, where they are designed poorly, and the modern day diesel blocks the filter.

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Hi guys, I did buy the car, 

I changed the fuel filter and the camshaft sensor as the revs were a bit scatty. Doing these both improved the cars health Idling was smoother and replacing the filter seemed to slightly improve when the limp mode was kicking in, as before it was anything over 2100rpm but now it was when the car was in too high of a gear or if you pinned it going uphill.

I did a bit more research and bought a leak off test, in doing so all four injectors failed the test miserably, so much so I went back inside and got my wife to re-read the instructions to make sure I did it correct. I had. So I bought f-super and four reconditioned injectors which arrived today we fitted and coded them to the car and so far so GOOD its working. I am doing quite a long drive over this weekend so we shall see if any problems persist.

Now for the dual mass flywheel.

Thankyou for your help.


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