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Thatcham alarm system


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Hi all,

Thinking about getting a thatcham alarm system for my Ford Fiesta mk6 (model before the new facelift that came late 2008).

Was wondering if anyone has any advise on what alarm system to look into etc. Ideally one that will help reduce the insurance.

Not entirely sure if I have a factory installed immobiliser already, any ideas how to check?

Just about know I have a wheel deadlock installed on the car lol

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The mk6 has a factory installed immobilisor. The red light that flashes on your dashboard when the car is locked.

Around your ignition barrel is a transponder ring. this communicates with the ECU & Instrument panel & the board inside your keys.

The mk6 is 2002-2005 2005-2008 is facelift

Then the mk7 2008+

Your car possibly has an alarm. mine does.

Lock yourself inside the car and wait a few minutes. try to open the door.

If that doesn't set it off, try deadlocking it (press lock twice within 5 seconds). Try to open it again from the inside.

If that doesn't set it off, lock your car, go have a drink for 15 mins. Go back out to the car and unlock it. Do not open the door. wait till it locks itself again then try open the door.

You can see here if your car has a thatcham alarm fitted here http://www.thatchamfitters.co.uk/car/cars-with-factory-fitted-thatcham-security/ford.htm

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