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Reverse Light Switch on MK6.5 1.4L Fiesta


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Please may I ask, where can I find the reverse light switch on a 1.4L MK6.5 Fiesta? Can it be accessed and replaced by opening the bonnet and removing the battery + tray?

Would I need to ramp up the vehicle and access the under tray to replace the switch?

Thank you and kind regards. :)

P.S. I have a "5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5."

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Hello Obnoxious,

Thank you for your post. I've noticed your threads that you create never have any replies, not to worry, as always I'll fill in the gaps for you. :/

This response is for anyone who finds this thread at a later date.

Go to FordEtis and find out your transmission/transaxle; if it's B5/iB5, you will NOT find your reverse gear/light/lamp switch by removing the battery and the battery tray as some threads will have you believe; those threads are for a different gear box where the reverse light switch is located at the top of the gearbox.

You will find the reverse light switch at the bottom of your vehicle near the passenger side (in the UK, which is Right Hand Drive). Your reverse light/gear switch is at the front of the gear box on the B5/iB5, which you can see if you open your bonnet/hood. You will need to ramp up at least the front driver's side of the vehicle to access the reverse light switch under your car, giving you room to work towards your passenger side. You might just getaway from parking your driver's side wheel on a large curb in order to access the reverse light switch if you don't have a trolley jack or ramp, which worked for me (assuming you haven't lowered your vehicle).

Please see the attached photo, where the reverse light switch is circled in red. I have zoomed-out whilst taking the photo, so you can have an idea of where to look. To replace you'll need a 22mm spanner and you should be warned that gear oil will leak out as soon as you loosen the currently fitted switch.

After replacing the switch, my reverse lights are working.

All the best. :)


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i had a mk1 focus which had the reverse light switch in same place. unplugging it, using some wd40 and pushing it on and off a few times fixed mine when the light did not come on

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Hi there,

I have the same issue with my Fiesta and after bridging the connection with a bit of wire I have determined that it is the switch which is faulty.  if I unscrew the old switch, how much gear oil will come out? will I need to drain the gearbox first and then refill it?

Sorry if this is a daft question!

Thanks again!

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I don't know the answer but I would jack the car at an angle so that the switch is as high as you can get compared to the main bit of gearbox. I can't recall which side / end the switch is at.

And as I took it out I would put the new one in quick or hold my thumb over the hole. I would think it would be easy to do with minimal loss of oil. Also gearbox oil is thicker than normal oil so it won't gush quite as quick as some liquid would. So I don't know if any oil will come out  but if any does it should be too little to worry about if you do it quick

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