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Mondeo in Limp Mode

Dermot Brody

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Hi all new to this my Titanium 12 a few times with some bad driving or When De Frost mode is on Full cuts out and goes into this Mode . I cannot even switch off ignition when it's like this . I have to let out Clutch quickly causing engine to cut out it usually clears then . Has been to main dealer & cannot pinpoint error ! Any ideas?

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Wonder is the extra load on the engine is enough to have the EMS computer see the DPF as needing to regenerate as becoming blocked and needs a good burn or blow out?  Had this happen to me when i had just got mine TX2.2 and frightened the life out of me as the engine went into limp mode but that still was OK fro 70 on the flat in top... reassured by the helpful folk on this site.  Amber EML cleared on restart and MPG improved from a disappointing 36mpg to a less disappointing 40mpg... noting my prev 55 TX2.2 still showed 48 to 51mpg at 185k miles [proven at the pump with trip miles/litres fill]. 

Hope that helps!!

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