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2003 2.0 tdci white smoke barely runs


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My car left me stranded today.  Was cruising fine on the highway then seemed to get a very slight burst of power just before my exit.  I exit and began accelerating on the B road and it starts to run very rough, pour out white smoke with the "wait to start" light flashing.  It dies if I depress the clutch.  I limp it into a parkibg lot and here I sit waiting on a tow truck.  It will start but blows black smoke that turns to white.  No leaks externally.  Just bought this car a month ago.  

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I bought it from a private seller because my '04 Mondeo took on a wild pig on and lost.  I've had a run of bad luck.

Anyway, Wednesday of last week my mechanic looked at it.  He says the HPOP failed sending metal fragments into the injection system and likely into the engine.  "Time for a new car", he says.  That's 3,200EUR down the drain in 5 weeks!  I just can't believe it!  So infuriating!  


Lets hope the 02 VW Passat I bought will last me for 6 months before we move back to the US.  I am actually amazed at how much larger the mondeo was compared to the Passat of the same era!  I had a rubber cargo mat for the mondeo that rolls 6" up the inside of the cargo area on either side!  Perhaps the mondeo cargo area is designed better allowing for more of a square-ish shape?

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