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Mondeo glow plug light flashing.


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A couple of weeks ago the glow plug light started to flash, sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. It has gradually got worse and now I am the point where it comes on when I start the engine and stays on. I have found that if I drive a mile or so and then restart the engine the light stays off for a while btu eventually comes back on. However, if I drive the car until it is fully warmed up and restart the engine, the light stays off.

I have tried cleaning the EGR valve but that had no effect so I am trying to determine if it working correctly. I believe it is a euro 4 as it has an electrical connection as well as a vacuum. information I am hoping to get is

1. What voltages should I see at the electrical connection.

2. What vacuum reading should I get at the hose.

3. How can I tell if the valve is actually operating.

4. Is there anything else I should be looking for.

I have tried getting the fault codes but I think my reader is busted because it say's there are no codes.

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I had the same problem 2 years back with my Mondeo 130 2.0 diesel  and it went on for about a year. Turned out to be the electrics on the turbo. The AA got a code saying it was the injectors but I took the car to a garage and they knew what it was straight away. £1200 for a new one from Ford or £800 for a recon. Sorry.

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