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Mondeo mk4.5 Estate fuses for cigaretee/power outlet


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Hi! I think that the fuse(s) have blown on the front cigarette lighter and passenger power outlet in my mk4.5 61 plate 2.2 TX estate as these worked then stopped.  I am having trouble tracking down which fuse box and which fuse to check.  I know where the fuse box is under the bonnet and I have found the rear fuse box in the load bay.. and that fuse seems OK but may only feed the load bay power outlet.  There is mention of a central fuse box but I can't find it!! 

I don't smoke but still use a separate satnav which needs the power as the fitted converse+ satnav doesn't follow the 'safety' cameras!!

Can anyone help?

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Not sure about yours but on my MkV the fuse box inside the car is under the glove box. Push the seat right back and get in the footwell so you can look under the glovebox right at the back of the underneath of the dash you should see a small removable panel, it's behind there.


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Great had looked there but only saw carpet.  Then worked out that the carpet removes and central fuse box hidden behind it!

Many thanks!!

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