intermittent knocking sound - worse with lights - Video - Mondeo 2003 TDci 2L

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Hi all, I've got an intermittent knocking sound. Comes and goes. Sometimes from cold start, othertimes  when driving for a while.

It did not occur when the mechanic had the car for two days so he couldn't progress.

I've since had the car back (after service), and it occurred again, so I thought I'd record it, to show him later. 

I parked with engine running, and as I was stationary and it was after dusk, turned the automatic lights off - and the sound was quieter!?

I put the lights back on again, and it was louder.  Any thoughts?

I couldn't pop the bonnet without switching off and removing the key, but after switching off and on the ignition, the sound went away again.

Here's the video.



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Just from the video, mechanic thinks it might be either alternator or crank shaft pulley. 

I often hear a brief little version of that noise when pulling away, just before the car starts moving (when clutch is slipping briefly before its locked in?). Does this point to crankshaft pully? but it only lasts for less than a second

(sorry for terminology I dont know much about cars!)

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Does the noise increase when turning electrical loads on for example headlights blowers etc if so I would take a deeper look at the alternator

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