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Weber 38 DGAS


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I have a Mk 3 Cortina fitted with a 3.1 Essex V6. After sorting out lots of problems with the ignition, wiring, fuel pump, etc etc I am having problems with getting the engine to idle. I have overhauled the Weber 38 DGAS carb but Im not sure about one thing, It concerns the calibrated air holes that allow air to enter and mix with fuel to go to the mixture screws. On my carb both of these appear to be blocked ( with what Im not sure ).A friend suggested people often block these as they are not needed but my logic say why are they there if not required.


I have the Haynes Weber manual but no mention is given to checking these items. Do anyone know if these could be causing my idling problem and if so how do you unblock them. ( I have tried to prod a pin into them with no luck. Can they be drilled out and if so what size is the hole?


Any help with this problem would be most welcome.




Thanks, John

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