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Glow Plug wait to start light - long time to clear


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Hi Guys,


I have noticed my glow plug light is coming on for about 10 seconds on turning the key. Ordinarily I know this would mean the plugs are not performing efficiently and may not be heating correctly etc.


I bought four Bosch plugs recently, greased them, and installed them, reattached the wiring, and tested it. After fitting the new plugs, the last plug is seeing around 9volts, but the car still seems to take a good ten seconds to go out. I havent yet had a really cold day to test the improvements!


Any thoughts, what could I be missing?


No error codes on any modules, and there is no exceptional noticed smoke, the car starts spot on when ambient temperature is warm (anything above 7 degrees), and the glow plug light doesn't stay on very long either)

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