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5.0L V8 or 2.3L EcoBoost? 2016 Mustang


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This image was initial sales back last year but 
What engine would you go for? 

5.0L v8 or the 2.3L Ecoboost? 

i know a lot are going to say 5.0L as a lot of people are naturally purists :P 
but think about the tuning possibilities for the 2.3L! yeah your not gonna get the noise or line lock but you can do that yourself :P 

so whats your views on the engines? 

So lets compare some of these facts and my little opinion too 
ps some of these facts will be from us websites so bare with me :) 

First My Thoughts :) 
If i had no money object which some people will have buying a mustang (lucky them!) 
I would get the 5.0L V8 But due to economic times and yes Im gonna talk about prices of things for the mustang like tax etc yes its a car that if you want this you should be able to afford tax insurance and petrol etc but if on a budget and this is your dream car etc :P heard it all before and know people who have done it get there dream car and its guzzling their pennies away and has to change car due to the massive money hole (ps yes a know these cars are money holes anyway but one will me less in size )  

I personally are more interested in the 2.3L mustang but tuned! :D yess your not gonna get the noise from it or the line lock (which is pointless yet cool addition ) but think about it you got beaten from a 5.0L mustang ......aye a knew a was gonna get bet ................ or you got beaten from a 2.3L mustang! which sounds better? 
The facts that I will include are only from stock variants of the cars but imagine the possible mods! 

but lets look at a few things first  and compare with my opinion as each to their own :) 
5.0L V8  Is a incredible engine to have its gonna give lots of noise and power! plus cool feature as in line lock! And c'mon the brag opportunity here to say you own the 5.0L V8! 
But mpg is gonna be lower but Tax is more than double the 2.3L and and the insurance is gonna be a little higher. 
Which Brings me to the 2.3L Ecoboost ..................... with the more money you saved in your pockets you can mod and go out more with the mustang enjoy it for longer periods of time and less petrol etc but again if on a budget and all cars are our little money pits but don't want one to literally have less time driving due to you cant afford it :) 

Thats just my opinion aknow most people will be agains it but each to their own :) 

here is some insight to the different cars 

but here is a basic one that i made 

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I did have a thought when it was first announced I'd go for 2.3L if I got one, but I just don't think you can order a Mustang without the 5.0 V8.

The 2.3L is the more sensible option, but if you are going for a Mustang it is already impractical, so you may as well go the whole hog and get the V8.

I think if you got the 2.3L you'll always wish you'd got the V8, yes it is going to drink fuel but it will sound amazing and just fits better with the cars character.

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5L all day long.  You don't associate a Mustang with a ECOboost engine.  It's a petrolhead's dream car.  The epitome of muscle & power, just think of Detroit and Shelby etc.  If your even thinking about a Mustang then your obviously not going for economy.  Yes the ecoboost stat's are impressive but just no.  I just couldn't have a Mustang/Muscle car without a V8.  It's what a muscle car is all about.  Also because of the engine(2.3) what drivetrain is it?   

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2.3 for me.

Cheaper to buy - cheaper to run - still very fast with huge tuning possibilities - all the looks.

V8 is all about noise. It's not significantly faster and doesn't - in my opinion - warrant the additional expense. Tuned turbo ecoboost will out drag it and with a decent exhaust will sound pretty special too.

Saying that I want the 2.3 to get slated by you all so that they become even cheaper on the used market in 2 yrs.


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It's a real tuff one..  You have all the classic name of the Mustang, and with that in mind, and the options of the 2.3 Ecoboost or 5.0L V8, i am actually in the first boyhood thought, sold on the 5.0 V8, but the more i shopped and looked at the figures..  I actually started loosing favour for it, because ???  Well if you weigh up the tuning potential factor for the 2.3 Eco boost then yes, but that in a Mustang body does not make sense aRRRRhHHH!!

I have already priced the Mustang to my taste, colour - spec - options, and honestly, I'm not sold on the interior, i am not liking the rear end too much, and looking at it, i think i would much prefer spend that money on an older classic with the 5.0L V8 and classic lines.  OR save £2.5k and get the Focus RS, even with all the RS options i went through and picked the other day, an RS was a much better option then the Mustang.  So for me, i'd get the Spec'd to F*** RS Focus. :biggrin:    

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Get the RS we could be the only ones on here with one but it does have a 12 month lead in

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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Buy the V8 if its a Mustang, buy a different car if you are wanting the 2.3 Ecoboost - although I am not planing on buying a Mustang, its a Mustang, so get the V8 if you want a Mustang, buy the 2.3 Ecoboost in a different car if you are wanting to go fast.

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