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MK4 rear wiper won't stop!


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Hi All,

New poster here but long time reader! 

Bought myself a Mk4 1.3 Fiesta last year and because it ran and was cheap, I snapped it up. Should've looked a bit closer when checking it over but I was desperate for a little motor.

I noticed the rear wiper wasn't working and the rear demister was intermittent, found out that one of the pins in the boot wasn't springing back. Replaced that and the demister now works but the wiper didn't. Bought a 2nd hand wiper motor which runs but doesn't stop. I've tried every single possible movement of the stalk but its having none of it. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've checked both fuse boxes just to be sure and they all look fine.

N.B - probably has nothing to do with it but the washer motor has gone too!

Thanks All


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Just checked again after finding a wiring diagram. There's a 30amp fuse in there instead of 20. Could this be the cause? I'll grab some fuses on the way home if so!


Thanks GingerFlame!

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