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Squeaking front - Suspected drop link


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For a couple weeks there has been a squeaking when the front right suspension travels, at first barely noticeable and now fairly loud and occurs also when steering is moved from full lock to normal.

Jacked up the car, took wheel off and had a look, It looks like the drop link bush is no good (I'm new to car mechanics so I could be wrong!) please see attached images;


SO my questions are;

could this shot bush be the cause of my noise?

Can I replace just the bush or does the whole drop link need replacing? (I can only find spares for the drop link, if the whole thing needs replaced is this the correct part http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Mondeo_2.0_2005/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/anti-roll-bar-components/?632590135&1&ca7d994fcf3739f5f04fffeba6be6cc21aa62de2&000016)


Many thanks!!




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The whole drop link needs replacing i paid about £9 each for mine from direct parts.Very easy to change aswell done mine in a hr tops both sides.Its not worth doing just 1.

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