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SYNC2 Touch / Updates


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For the brave as it seems the UK website is a little behind the rest of the word, you can register on the Ford India site with your VIN ( I used the ford etis site to get mine) and download an update for your SYNC 2 which apparently includes fixes for the iPhone.

You have to be using IE to download and the actual update takes about 25-30 minutes with the engine running but it successfully updated mine ok


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not only in terms of updates..

the US was installing SYNC1.1 with AppLink since early 2011 I believe and my Jan'14 built Focus still has the older SYNC1.0 that can't be upgraded to 1.1. It doesn't even show the tune name when playing music over bluetooth.


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21 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

My only concern is if there are any customisations for the local market....

The site uses your VIN number so will only allow updates for your specific version and the update process will check that it is a valid update. The only thing that I can see is that you might need to resave your favourites for the Sat Nav

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