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Fiesta ST possible rejection?


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Hi guys, new to this forum, just signed up. I'm having trouble with my new fiesta ST, I picked it up on the 29th of January 2016 - should add it's bought on PCP - And it's got an irregular knocking coming from the engine ( over the tapping of the injectors ) I've already took the car back to the ford dealership that I bought it from and they admitted they could hear it also and they changed the oil from 5w30 to 0w40. This hasn't cured the problem and further more I've learned that this is because there are incorrect machining tolerances in the bottom end of the engine? This information came from ford techs over different forums. They say that ford won't tell you this and they just change the oil. Now I have the car booked back into ford this coming Tuesday (Feb 16th) as I'm not happy with the results. I've contacted ford direct via phone and email, and the ford finance also, this is to cover myself with evidence as they have opened up a case. 

The dealership have been nothing but nice to me, for example there aren't any courtesy cars available so the manager is giving me his and paying for all insurance costs. 

Although im aware if this is the problem I have then the only solution is an engine swap, or ultimately a car swap. I'd like to know what my chances are or being successful? I've told the dealership if I reject that I'd be more than happy for a swap replacement as they have been spot on with me from day one and I don't want to burn any bridges so to speak. But if it needs done I'll be stamping my feet. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Sorry for the late reply, only just noticed this topic. If you want to reject for a full refund, you have more rights now but you must do so within 30 days IN WRITING. Basically, if a car is not of satisfactory quality within 30 days, the customer gets a full refund and rejects the car WITHOUT QUESTION. Just as well being as the small claims court is limited to £10k in value. Any battles outside of small claims can see you being liable to fees if you lose.

You don't have long left so you need to decide soon and I see you are from Scotland (the Act applies there also). Please see the following information from the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (SOGA was amalgamated into the new Act so satisfactory quality has not changed)

A consumer who has the short-term right to reject loses it if the time limit for exercising it passes without the consumer exercising it, unless the trader and the consumer agree that it may be exercised later.

An agreement under which the short-term right to reject would be lost before the time limit passes is not binding on the consumer (so if your paperwork said 14 days to reject for full refund, it is overruled by the Act)

The time limit for exercising the short-term right to reject (unless subsection (4) applies) is the end of 30 days beginning with the first day after these have all happened

(a)ownership or (in the case of a contract for the hire of goods, a hire-purchase agreement or a conditional sales contract) possession of the goods has been transferred to the consumer,

(b)the goods have been delivered, and

(c)where the contract requires the trader to install the goods or take other action to enable the consumer to use them, the trader has notified the consumer that the action has been taken.

(4)If any of the goods are of a kind that can reasonably be expected to perish after a shorter period, the time limit for exercising the short-term right to reject in relation to those goods is the end of that shorter period (but without affecting the time limit in relation to goods that are not of that kind).


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