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Newbie oil question...


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Hi everyone! First of all, I am a first time Ford (and a car in general!) owner so sorry if I ask something ridiculous. I am picking up my 62 plate Zetec next week and am crazy excited. However, I am very nervous as well because this is my first car and unfortunately I have no boyfriend or someone else who I could ask for help with all the possible car questions or problems. So I will heavily rely on you all! 

My first question is about oil. Obviously I know how to top it up, but was just wandering how often do you do it? Also, how much do you need for a top up? I understand it differs on how low the levels are, but lets say if the level is right at the minimum, how much would it take to put it back to max? Like, if I was to buy a 1L bottle, how much would that last me then? 

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Kriste, welcome, most modern cars driven under normal conditions shouldn't really need topped up with oil unless there is a problem causing the car to use more oil.

I usually buy a 1 litre of oil just in case I need to top up, but often end up not using it. Make sure you buy the right oil for the engine in your new car, different weights / specs of oil for different engines.

If the level was at min, I would pour in about 200mm and see where that took it too, then add a bit more slowly, let the oil settle before checking the dip stick for level again so that you don't over fill.

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4 minutes ago, DieselPig said:

You should check the oil weekly at the very least.

I would have said checking oil level once a week in a modern car is a bit over the top personally. I have never had to top up oil in any car I have owned apart from my original mini.

I check my 125cc bike a lot but that is because it only takes a litre of oil for engine and gearbox so can get low really easily. 

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