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Mondeo engine went bang, help needed please


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Hi guys, I need some help, iv been driving with a 2.0 130 tdci engine with a lot of black smoke and down on power, today I checked pipes, but ok, i took off the egr valve and it was a mess so cleaned it and reassembled, i turned engine on and let on tick over all was good, I thought id rev it a bit to clear it thro and first time I revved it there was a very loud bang from the engine, the good news is the black smoke is gone, the bad news is there is blue smoke now that stinks and it wont rev past 3000rpm and its very lumpy to drive and down on power, i am sorry for the long explanation but I am very concerned about the bang, any ideas what could have happened??

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There are no warning lights, i drove it home and it didn't over heat, the one other thing I could say is to have enough power to change gear I had to build power to around 2000rpm, when I got that high in revs in all gears the car would shudder, dont know if that helps, 

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