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ford focus mk1 tdci 1.8 wont start


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hi there ford owners i have come across a big problem 

i have a ford focus 1.8 tdci i have had the car for 1 month been driving very well so now i passed my car test and got insured on it for 1 hour and it broke i drove to the shops and come out from the shops and it would not start what so ever it had a diessel leak comming from the back on the pick up pipe to the tank  so that is now fixed but it will not start it gose to but wont i have tested injectors they work fine and the glow plugs working good to i have cracked the injectors while turning the car over to get any air out the system i have towed it trying to bump it over just smoke comming out the back and gose to go but still wont any ideas as im very well stuck with what to do now thanks dudes



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if you had a leak it may have switched the pump off drivers footwell right hand side kick panel if you're sitting in it you'll see a round hole behind that's the due cut off swith push it down if its down then the issues elsewhere

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