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Removal of Focus centre dash facia


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Hi, so I was recently trying to replace the radio on my 2008 Mk2 Focus, 3 of the corners came out no problem but one wouldnt and then the key broke, now the radio wont go back into place and its sitting with 3 corners sticking out.  Tried it with a new set of keys but it seems the mechanism on the back of the radio must be broken, anybody have any idea how I could remove the silver facia around the radio to get at it? Or any other ideas?


Thanks in advance

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the silver front face should just pop out you need a flat pisce off metal something like a small paint

scraper :smile:

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If you are needing keys to remove the radio then I assume it's not the facelift oval radio but one of this shape?-


If so then you have probably jammed the locking claws.

Unfortunately the claws hook onto the back of the surround (fascia) which is held in place with 2 screws-


It will be impossible to get to the screws and attempting to wrench the radio or fascia out will cause damage to the mounting hooks and screw holes.

If you apply firm pressure to the corners of the radio will the hooks not re-engage properly?


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No the radio seems completely jammed in place, does seem odd that it wont budge at all. I got another set of keys and tried them again but the one corner still wont move at all, dosent seem to be even doing anything the key just slides in

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Will the other corners reseat with keys inserted?

You may have jammed the hooks against the sides of the fascia.

I suspect that you may have bent the other hook's mechanism, try a flat bladed (blunt) table knife to see if you can push the hook mechanism a bit wider while pulling on the other keys.

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Even with the keys in place the radio wont go back in although the 3 'free' corners will move out a bit more but I still cant get it out far enough to get any access to the hook on the fixed side

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