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Mondeo 2.0 tdci starting but no rev's till about 5-10 seconds :(

Davy mcnailz

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Hi old member here not posted much and it was years ago i joined , Just got another ford its a Mondeo 2004 2.0 tdci it starts fine but will not rev till about five - ten seconds , iv done lots of looking on the net for this problem and no one is clear and simply said what it is Once the car starts and the 10 seconds is up the car is a little bit lumpy but goes fine with lots of power 

Phoned Ford for a laugh and the guy said he thinks its a faulty injector and he said its better to change the four of them and Ford price is about £2000 

Iv looked and seen you can do this your self with a laptop and F interface SUPER 2 Scanner is it easy to do and can you mess it all up ?

Iv also seen you can get a software update for the ecu but do i need to go to ford ? Can i do that my self and if so can you do it with the SUPER 2 Scanner or is it totally different thing all together ?

Is it an injector problem or is it needing the software updated ? 

Thanks in advance for any help :!:
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My first thought would be fuel pressure/fuel pump. if you did get one of the ECU monitoring apps, you could probably check the fuel pressure, but do check that whatever you select can do this.


For software updates you probably do have to go to Ford, unless you are intending having the car re-mapped, in which case the company doing the mapping may be able to do it. Someone should have some definitive information on that.

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