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Focus 18 diesel tdci


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Good evening guys girls if any,


Think I may have asked this question before but need some positive answers if anyone can help.


Chime module, where is it located on a focus 18.tdci 2007 model,


I had indicators sounds once, had left on light sound and seat belt warning sounds to, all have stopped for some strange reason,


Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks Ash

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I imagine they run on same fuse and its just popped,check manual to see where fuse is located

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Ok an update, all fuses checked all good, seems like I'm not going to get to the bottom of this unless someone knows where the chime module is situated,


Iv been told its behind the radio, checked its not there, near the fuse box, checked not there, only place I haven't checked is behind the clock cluster,

My Mrs has the 2013 focus and when I listen to hers the chime seems to be coming from behind the clock cluster, so if that's the case I'm assuming that's where mine is,

Another job for next week then unless someone knows,

Appreciate any help,


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