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Help needed to source an interior part...


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Hello all,

I have a 61 plate (mark 4) Mondeo Titanium X Sport Estate, which is my second one (both used). On my first car there was a rear roller sun-blind which goes from the top of the rear seats and connects to the provided latches in the roof, however my new car doesn't have one and I am really struggling to find one. Can anyone help or offer advice on where to get one from? I have a young baby and this will help hugely in the summer months.

By the way - please do not mistake what I am talking about for the luggage compartment cover (the one which goes from the rear seats to the boot and covers the contents of the boot).

Any responses would be appreciated.

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I had two vx signums both needed the pull out shelfs for the boot and both times I got sorted on gumtree and fleabay

Also got sorted for the travel assistant they used to put in the top of the range signums

So you never know

Also I've just getting the drivers side interior door seal of a guy who's scrapping a est Mondeo 08 plate

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Sorry for my offtopic. I'm new owner mondeo mk4, and yet I'm still satisfied :) . I found unknown items from front window on both corners. It's look like sound speakers, but when not working probably. Could it be a not original microphone, because mondeo doesnt have OEM phone (bluetooth) ? Maybe anyone encountered?

Thanks mates



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