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Disable Seatbelt warning sound.


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This will work on ford galaxy titanium 2010 on, worked on two galaxy's now.

Shut car doors.

Push start button without pressing the clutch down.

Wait for seatbelt light to go out.

When it's gone out within next 60 seconds :

Push seatbelt buckle into the seatbelt clip and push button on clip to release, do this 4 times finishing with it unbuckled.

The seatbelt light will then come on then buckle and unbuckle one more time.

The light will then flash three times which means it's done, no more warning noises !

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Even multi-drop drivers know the trick of leaving belt clipped in and just pulling the top part over your head. Hence police see you're wearing your belt and it's technically half on lol.

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Should you want to really weird and wear them, does anyone know why there seems to be no warning if the rear ones are not fastened when there is a rear seat passenger !

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