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Ford Focus Mk2 LX 1.6


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Hello, MK2 Ford Focus owner of a lovely 1.6 LX model. Low mileage under 48k. Looked at some RS Ford Focuses on eBay for under £6k, pretty high on mileage though.

After the purchase of the car and driving to work on a construction-site, the car was pretty much driven to different sites in all weathers with the rusty steelies exposed. I decided to sand down and use alcohol diluted spray to remove the rust from the steelies. Eventually after two days of sanding down, and grinding them they were ready for painting up. After a week later, due to bad weather here in the UK, the car had all four steelies sprayed Super Gloss Black. Came out looking really nice.

Obtained some original Ford trims and sanded down, ready for primer and paint of super gloss white paint. After two weeks left to harden in a very cold garage, they also had two coats of clear lacquer applied to them for that extra protection.

Due to the wintery, cold climate the trims took two weeks to set properly before being installed onto the clean looking steelies.

I didn't stop there. A cheap but effective way to make the car look cleaner for a lot less than buying new alloys.

I upgraded my sidelights, main beams, and headlights for a fraction of the cost, by taking it to a lights specialist and had fitted 4,500 kelvin cluster l.e.d's with Canbus protection for my sidelights, 4,500 kelvin main beams with 90%brightness output Xenon gas-charged, and 50% 4,500 kelvin Xenon-charged headlights all under £50 for both my car's headlamps. Mainly due to the fact because I fitted it myself. Hence the cheapness to the overall cost.

I've wanted an upgrade to my reverse light, because I found myself lost one very early morning driving to a new construction site about 100 miles up North of the UK, only to get myself stuck on a road into nowhere, with very poor visibility from the standard reverse light. So I decided to upgrade to a 14 l.e.d cluster 4,500 kelvin reverse light. Bright as the sun in broad day-light.

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