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Automatic Transmission whining Mondeo Mk2


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For a long time our Mondeo Mk 2 2.5 Ghia X Automatic Transmission has whined occasionally at start largely when temperatures are cold, a blip of the throttle would usually stop it, however, recently it seemed to be getting worse so we checked the Pot at the mid rear of the engine bay marked Clutch Brake Fluid.

The oil level was correct, checking the Haynes Manual, we learned something different, the Clutch Brake Fluid Pot in the mid rear of the engine bay is only for Brakes, and Manual Gearboxes - unless we are incorrect.

The procedure for checking and topping up the level of Automatic Transmission oil is:

Run the Engine till warm, a short trip will do

Pull on Hand Brake

Hold down the Foot Brake

Push the Automatic Gear Selector through from P to 1 and back again 3 times stopping at P

Leave the engine running

Open the Bonnet

Withdraw the Auto Trans oil Level Dip Stick - big Yellow handle, mid rear of engine bay

Wipe clean, reinsert, withdraw, check oil level

The level is reasonably critical

To top up, get a 20cc Syringe, Printer Ink type, with 3mm Plastic Tube pressed superglued on

Check oil level every 20ccs

That fixed it for us, clearly, most garages are probably unlikely to know the full procedure, our oil level was 5mm below minimum, note simply checking the oil level without following the procedure gives a completely different reading.


BoschBattAutomaticTransOil (2).jpg

BoschBattAutomaticTransOil (3).jpg

BoschBattAutomaticTransOil (4).jpg

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