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Simple handling upgrade advice


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Hi all,

I have now sold my project car so I only have my daily drive Mk6 left, I am doing a few tweaks to it as you might have seen on the projects thread but will be looking around at some other options with regards to tuning and minor mods.

I am looking at getting the engine remapped at some point, however I might hold off on that as the car is fairly nippy at the moment with the few mods I have done so far to the intake, I am however more tempted to look at some suspension mods.

Are there any usual upgrades for the suspension setup? I am guessing that a front strut brace and a better rear ARB will help on the car, also looking at possibly changing over the suspension to a better damper and spring setup - guessing Eibach would be the best?

Basically I am just looking for some opinions on a few simple fairly cheap tweaks that will make a bit of difference to the handling of the car.

Thanks in advance!

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Rear AXLE spacers (not wheel spacers)

Lowering springs or coilovers

Possibly a Strut brace but I'm not convinced

Decent tyres/wider wheels

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How much difference does the strut brace make? I can see that they are macpherson struts so should improve the handling but they all see rather expensive at over £100 each - was budgeting around £50-75 for one.

I will be looking at springs and dampers, not keen on coilovers anymore due to the ride quality, will look at some slightly better springs - slightly sportier but not harsh.

I will also look at a new set of wheels at tyres when the tyres need changing over next, would need to get the car lowered first though as it would look odd with aftermarket wheels and stock ride height.

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