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Wet Footwell


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Hi everyone,

My '06 Ka ends up with a soaked driver's footwell every time it rains (which is a problem since I live in Scotland -.-). Thing is, the water seems to be coming up from underneath as my mats stay dry on top, they just end up wet on the underside due to the carpet being wet. Can anyone offer me some advice? I have no idea where the water can be coming from as the rest of the carpet around the door and up at the pedals is dry as a bone, it just seems to pool in the middle.

It's definitely just water btw - there's no smell from it that would suggest coolant or anything.

Thank you in advance!

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I am dealing with this exact fault on my "Pregnant Rollerskate" right now - started off in the drivers footwell but the passenger side has now filled up like a swimming pool - a foot of water.

I am thinking of drilling a hole in the centre of the floor to let the water out as finding these leaks can be anightmare..

Leak so far has been from around the windows and the front of the sunroof where it clamps onto the front windscreen.

There is also a drivers side leak coming from just above the pedals - of you check my pictures you can see what ive done.

Seats out - carpet up and dried it all out - however the pad under the pedals is hard to remove and i thought i had fixed the leak until i noticed it

gets soaked now even though the floor leak stopped by padding out the window gutters with plastic piping so there is a hole needing filled somewhere above the drivers pedals.

As for the passenger side i think its coming from the sunroof leaking!

I am in Scotland too - You anywhere near Glasgow Southside?

One other thing that seems to make the problem worse is parking the car downhill - parking it on a flat or uphill seems to make the problem less apparent!

Hope that helps (a bit)!

From your description i think its coming from the front bottom of the door (it could be leaking into the window and inside the door then pouring out the drainage holes at the bottom of the door although in my case this isnt so its running down the windows gutter to the bottom of the door and then into the drivers footwel) - it leaks in and dribbles down and fills the soakpad under the carpet - your leak is obviously not as bad as mine - check my pictures see if its the same - there is a series of yellow sponges under the carpet at these leak points - supposedly for electrics but i suspect they are to absorb water ingress - sneaky Ford bosh fixes!

This is a known fault on these cars and even Ford dont know how to fix it without stripping the entire car back to find the leak points so good luck!



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Hi Omendata, thanks for all your great advice! And the luck ^^ Sorry for the late reply, I hope I didn't inspire that red text - I promise I wasn't ignoring you.

I'm feeling like a bit of a fool right now ^^; Turns out there's a part of the plastic weather cowl thing (dunno the name of it!) that sits under the windscreen actually missing. I was unaware of the fact until I lifted the bonnet today to check things out and saw that the seal itself is cable tied onto the part I can see without lifting the bonnet >< I HOPE getting a new one will sort the leak - it's worth a try!

PS Omendata - yes, I'm actually just outside Glasgow :)

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have you ruled out the heating near the footwell. coz i had a similar problem with my peugeot 206 y reg. and it turned out to be a part near the foot heater.

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We're off to pick up a new scuttle panel (ha, found out its name!) today, so I'll keep updating ^^ I daresay it won't be long until it rains again after I fit it -.-

@Dalb, that's the next thing I will check if the leak continues :) Thank you for the suggestion!

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:blink: good Gods... No, Charlie's isn't as bad as yours, Omendata - he doesn't have the facilities for koi!

I fitted his new scuttle panel the other day and am planning to get his carpets and soundproofing dried tomorrow (effing work just gets in the way of things! :dry:) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll stay nice and dry now...

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Better tell the wife you are going to burn out her hair dryer then lol

Takes ages to dry out the pads under the pedals and the soak pads in the middle of the floor - had to rip em out - they are stuck down with Ford double sided tape.

The yellow sponge is attached to the carpet so you cant remove it so you will have to take the chairs out and lift the carpet and allow it to air dry otherwise it will take you weeks unless of course the wife allows you to burn out her expensive revlon dual turbo hair dryer lol

So yours is a male car is it hmmmm mine is definitely female - has never worked properly from the off , never listens to what i say yet when she has a problem (usually from not listening to me) its always muggins who has to fix her. Oh and she always goes mental at least once a month with no apparent reason or way of fixing it.

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Haha, I'm planning to get a heater in there and do it that way - yes it may take a while to dry totally but it's loads less hassle :tongue:

Also - I'm a girl xD No wife in sight I'm afraid, so any burned out hairdryers would be my own :laugh: 

Oh yes, my Charlie Mac is definitely a boy. Relies on me to keep him clean, full and serviced (oo-er) and would probably fall apart without my TLC ;) 

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Double haha on me i thought you were a guy by your name - Its funny how you gurls always name your car as a boy car hmmmm

Never met a woman who has a gurl car!


I would be careful putting that heater in your car - you may set it on fire if there is a fuel leak or melt the wires under the dashboard.

Unless you are using a directional heater you wont be able to dry the carpets out - the first layer is an inch thick soak pad and on top of that (attached to the carpet is a half inch layer of yellow sponge) It will take you ages to dry it out - even with the carpets up it took mine a week to dry out properly!


Take some pics and let us see how you get on - I could do with a good laugh!

I would video it as well in case your car goes up in smoke - you will at least get some money back from the advertising if you upload it to youtube lol



PS. Cudos to you for fixing yer own car - is hubby too lazy? Away to the football and letting you deal with it eh typical lazy man!

Nothing sexier than a female car mechanic in dungarees and a bit of oil from hard work on yer noggin grrrrrrr

Any pictures? >;o)


Damn .. time for a cold shower////

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Charlie Mac is my car's name :tongue: And he's drying out nicely with me putting his own heaters on in the footwell while driving around, so I'm a happy girl :happy: I'll be even happier when he's dried out fully, but things are going well and no burned out hairdryers or fear of fire on the horizon :laugh: Incidentally, I have a few female colleagues who have female cars - though you're right, us girls do seem to prefer boy cars!

It's not that hubby is lazy, Omendata - it's that I do not let anyone else touch my baby. We're sort of exclusive :wink:

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My girlfriend is exactly the same wont even let me put my bags in the back seat they have to go in the boot and not even allowed to sit in the car when she is not there as she says i fiddle with things and break them (which i dont but she blames me for a garage bodge job and blames me for putting my OBD tool into the slot to check her car - i tried to tell her its read only but she wont listen so i am now an enemy of her car) - ultra paranoid!


Good luck with drying it out - let us know if the scuttle fix has fixed it as loads of people are having this problem including me!


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Well, Charlie Mac's carpets are merely touch damp with no seepage now and I've just given him a thorough wash... No more wetness than there was! I'm tentatively saying that it looks like the missing scuttle was the problem ^^ Also, the check engine light that I was slightly panicking about (as I couldn't find anything wrong) has gone out since he has no water getting in and he's running like a champ again :happy: 

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